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Apple and Macintosh Code Names

Apple //
Apple //+: Annie
Apple //e: Diana, LCA (Low Cost Apple), Super II

Apple //c: E.T., IIb, IIp, Pippin, VLC (Very Low Cost), Teddy (short for Testing Every Day), Chels, Jason, Lollie, Sherry, Zelda,Elf, Yoda, (the children of developer team members)

Apple //c+: Adam Ant, Pizza, Propeller, Raisin

Apple //gs: Cortland, Phoenix (because the project had been revived
after being cancelled), Rambo (when the design team was fighting for
final approval from the executive staff), Gumby (from an impersonation
done at Apple's Halloween parade)

Apple IIx (abandoned): Dove, Brooklyn, Golden Gate (referring to the
ability to make it a bridge between the Apple II and Mac)

Apple ///
& ///+ : Sarah (after the daughter of chief engineer Wendell Sander)

Lisa: Lisa
Lisa 2: Lisa
Mac XL: Lisa2, Pepsi

Macintosh 128k: Macintosh was the original code-name
Macintosh 512k: Fat Mac (four times "fatter" memory-wise than the original Mac)
Macintosh Plus: Mr. T (maybe of "The A Team" series, maybe Apple's chief scientist Larry Tesler), Turbo Mac

Macintosh SE
Macintosh SE (FD/HD): Mac ±, PlusPlus, Z², Maui, Chablis, Aladdin, Freeport, Midnight Run
Macintosh SE/30: Green Jade, SEx, Fafnir, Oreo (basic unit), Single Stuffed (2 MB configuration), Double Stuffed (4 MB configuration)

Macintosh II
Macintosh II: Little Big Mac, Milwaukee (engineer Mike Dhuey's hometown), Ikki (Turkish for "2", also means "bottoms up" in Japanese), Cabernet, Reno (in honor of the slots), Becks, Paris (homage to Jean-Louis Gassée), Uzi
Macintosh IIci: Aurora II, Cobra II, Pacific, Stingray
Macintosh IIcx: Aurora, Cobra
Macintosh IIfx: Stealth, Blackbird, F-16, F-19, Four Square, IIxi, Zone 5, Weed-Whacker
Macintosh IIsi: Oceanic, Erickson, Ray Ban (it shipped to developers with sunglasses),, Raffica, Raffika, Spin
Macintosh IIvx: Brazil 16
Macintosh IIvi: Brazil 32c
Macintosh IIx: Spock, Stratos,

Macintosh Classic
Macintosh Classic: XO (abbreviation for Executive Officer in the armed forces)
Macintosh Classic II: Montana, Apollo
Macintosh Color Classic: Slice
Macintosh Color Classic II: Montana, Apollo

Macintosh LC
Macintosh LC: Pinball (low-slung case design looks like a pinball machine to
some), Elsie (as in the Borden cowÉtry pronouncing the letters L and C),
Macintosh LC II: Foster Farms
Macintosh LC III / III+: Vail, Elsie III
Macintosh LC 475: Primus
Macintosh LC 520: Hook
Macintosh LC 550: Hook 33 (ran at 33 MHz)
Macintosh LC 575: Optimus
Macintosh LC 580: Dragonkid

Mac TV
LD50, Peter Pan, Hook form factor

eMate 300: Project K, Shay

Mac Portable/PowerBook
Macintosh Portable: Laguna, Riveria, Malibu, Esprit, Guiness. Backlit configuration: Aruba, Love Shack, Mulligan
PowerBook 100: Asahi, Derringer, Rosebud, Classic
PowerBook 140: Tim LC (low cost), Tim Lite, Leary, Replacements
PowerBook 150: JeDI (the capital J, D, and I standing for "just did it"...subtly referring to certain sexual abilities of the team)
PowerBook 145: Colt 45
PowerBook 145B: Pikes Peak
PowerBook 160: Brooks
PowerBook 165: Dart LC
PowerBook 165c: Monet
PowerBook 170: Road Warrior, Tim
PowerBook 180: Converse, Dartanian
PowerBook 180c: Hokusai (after the Japanese carver Kasushika Hokusai, famous for "The Great Wave" woodblock)
PowerBook 190/190c: Omega
PowerBook 520/520c: Blackbird LC (low cost)
PowerBook 540: Blackbird, SR-71 (the SR-71 Blackbird shared the same slick black color), Spruce Goose (really heavy)
PowerBook 1400c: Epic
PowerBook 2400c: Comet, Nautilus, Mighty Cat (only for suped up configuration)
PowerBook 3400c: Hooper
PowerBook 3500: Kanga (possibly after the motherboard configuration of the same name?)
PowerBook 5300: M2 (the model of a mountain bike from Specialized Bicycles)
PowerBook G3: Wall Street
PowerBook G3/350-400: Main Street

PowerBook Duo
PB Duo 210/230: DBLite (the lightweight machine was named one night in a club called Das Boot), BOB W (Best Of Both Worlds, it's a lapop that's also a desktop when inserted in a DuoDock/II), Cinnamon (name given out to developers by Developer Technical Support)
PB Duo 250: Ansel (after the famous black & white photographer, Ansel Adams, also in a Think Different ad)
PB Duo 270c: Escher (after the famous black & white artist, M.C. Escher)
PB Duo 280c: Yeager (after the first man to break the sound barrier, it was the first use the speedy 68040 processor)
PB 2300 Duo: AJ, Companion?

Macintosh Centris
Macintosh Centris 610: Econoline, QFC (quick, fast, cheap), WLCD
Macintosh Centris 650: Wombat 25
Macintosh Centris 660AV: Tempes

Macintosh Quadra
Macintosh Quadra 605: Aladdin, Primus, ELB (extremely low budget)
Macintosh Quadra 610: Speedbumb 610
Macintosh Quadra 630: Crusader, Show & Tell, Show Biz
Macintosh Quadra 650: Speedbumb 650
Macintosh Quadra 660AV: Tempest
Macintosh Quadra 700: Shadow (shadow of 900), Spike (going to spike the NeXTStation), IIce, Evo 200
Macintosh Quadra 800: Fridge, Wombat 33
Macintosh Quadra 840av: Quadra 1000, Cyclone
Macintosh Quadra 900: Darwin, Eclipse (going to eclipse the NeXTStation), IIex, Premise 500
Macintosh Quadra 950: Amazon, Zydeco

Macintosh Performa
Macintosh Performa 200: Lady Kenmore
Macintosh Performa 400: Lady Kenmore, Vail
Macintosh Performa 460, 466, 467: Route 66
Macintosh Performa 475, 476: Aladdin
Macintosh Performa 550: Hook
Macintosh Performa 600: Brazil 32, Macintosh IIvm (this was the originally planned name, but consumer testing showed users thought "vm" stood for "virtual memory" a feature not available at the time, so the model was changed to Performa 600)
Macintosh Performa 630: Show & Tell
Macintosh Performa 5200: Trailblazer, Bongo, Rebound, Transformer
Macintosh Performa 6360: Elixir
Macintosh Performa 6400: Hacksaw

Various Hardware

Apple 12" RGB Monitor: Mai Tai
Apple 16" Color Monitor: Goldfish
Apple Hard Disk 400SC: Eagle
Apple OneScanner: Half-Dome, Ping-Pong
Apple ImageWriter II: Express
LaserWriter: LightWriter

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