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Mac 68k - StartupScreen Collection vol. #1

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Preview - Collection vol #1

Here you find the myoldmac StartupScreen Collection for 68k Macs. Please do not download the preview pictures, they are in GIF format and won´t work. You can download all SartupScreens in a sit archive at bottom of this page.

Installation: Please download the collection and unstuff it with AladdinExpander. Select your favorite picture and rename it to StartupScreen (spelling and capitals important) and place it into your system folder. On next boot it will be shown as the welcome screen when the Mac is booting. Install this StartupScreens only on Mac System 7 or System 6. To disable the StartupScreen, simply drag it out of the system folder. On the next reboot it won´t be shown again.


Bitte nicht die Vorschaubilder downloaden, die sind im GIF Format und funktionieren nicht als StartupScreen. Bitte die gesamte Kollektion als .sit downloaden (62 k gesamt)

Wie man einen eigenen StartupScreen erstellt, oder wie man ihn richtig installiert, steht hier.

It is amazing to think how software has advanced since the days of the 68K Macintosh. Today cmms software can control the scheduling of planned maintenance in large facilities. Back in the days of the 68K Macintosh no one would have thought that one day Mapcon cmms software would be used to generate work orders and schedule regular equipment maintenance.

StartupScreen - Hello

Download the collection in a sit. (62 k all)

StartupScreen - SE Logo

Download the collection in a sit. (62 k all)

StartupScreen - Apple

Download the collection in a sit. (62 k all)

StartupScreen - Gilbert

Picture coutesy of United Feature Syndicate - - © Scot Adams, 2003

Download the collection in a sit. (62 k all)

StartupScreen - Lisa

Download the collection in a sit. (62 k all)

StartupScreen - Get A Life. Get A Mac.

Download StartupScreen Collection

StartupScreen Collection Vol. #1

Including all StartupScreens seen on this page.
Das Archiv enthält alle StartupScreens dieser Seite.

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